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Definition: something, someone precious Synonyms: charm, find, gem, genius, ideal, masterpiece, nonesuch, nonpareil, paragon, phenomenon, prize, prodigy, rarity, specialty, treasure, wonder

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sacred Spring, Sweet Dreams... ArtBead Scene March Challenge

 The March challenge from the wonderful Art Bead Scene blog..Even though I just recently discovered  Art Bead Scene, thanks to Shannon of Missficklemedia, I am so excited about these challenges..only my second but the great folks at Art Bead come up with just the BEST inspiration for these challenges...

Sacred Spring, Sweet Dreams... 
Gauguin painted this after he moved to Tahiti in 1891, seeking inspiration from the native "primitive" culture, which he regarded as more real and more sincere. It is characterized by clear outlines, flat forms, and vibrant colors, which reflect the influence of native art on the artist

 At first I thought..oh yuck..not my colors..boy, was I wrong! Leave it to the 'masters' to prove  just what we can learn from them.
This painting and its wonderful subtle warm colors and primitive style began to grow on me ..each day as I sifted through my stash..each night those colors clinging to me before dropping off to sleep..and what art beads did I have? 

Of course! Something very special  from Claire Maunsell..of stillpointworks..called..'Lovely Fly Beads'..I remember so well the phrase that made me buy them..an admirer had said.."They are so interesting. They look like they've been jiggling about in some Medieval peddlers pocket for years..."

I do believe I take  inspiration too literally.. I added flys (beads) and limes and pineapple leaves for the girls' picnic in the painting..The fantastically detailed limes and leaves are actually for doll house miniature collections.

A very vintage silk embroidered  trim from India had just the tones to tie all my other found bits and vintage pieces all together.

 ..can't wait 'till next month..:)