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Definition: something, someone precious Synonyms: charm, find, gem, genius, ideal, masterpiece, nonesuch, nonpareil, paragon, phenomenon, prize, prodigy, rarity, specialty, treasure, wonder

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition

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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Dusting off the cobwebs here..been ages since I've posted..wonder if anybody is out there? I know..blogging has to be regular..

Autumn colors..where I grew up..upstate New York ..summer would leave in blaze of color..warming our hearts for the cold days ahead. A spectacular show of hot oranges, reds and yellow..the woods and mountains seeming to be on fire.
Well..here in the Azores..a temperate climate ..40º's at the coldest..the seasons changing can almost go by unnoticed..almost that is. For the thousands of hydrangas that line the roads and pastures do their thing to mark the season's passing. Discreetly but with the most subtle beauty, almost sad and foreboding..but most of all inspiring.

When I saw these vintage tiny Haskell flower parts on esty..wow..those colors..rusty and faded glory colors.
They just wanted to be Azorica (azorean ) autumn hydrangea gems.

So were born these earrings in copper with lava stone beads and the vintage flowers..sanded, sealed and waxed to preserve and protect the  vintage brass and warm fall colors.


  1. Exquisite!

    ....and yes, someone IS here ;)

  2. Divine earrings!! It's lovely to see you blogging again.

  3. so nice to know you were here..:)..JoJo

  4. LOVELY earrings!!!
    Big Hugs from another irregular blogger...ahem... ;)

  5. what beautiful artwork you weave

  6. thank-you..truly appreciate all the supportive comments..:)

  7. these earrings are so romantic and beautiful!!!